About American’s Top Patches Company


Custom Patchess has been creating premium quality service in the USA for more than 10 years! This is the best source to satisfy your all needs related to embroidery digitizing, and vector art conversion. Quality and customer service is the top concern, ensuring buyers have the best experience with us.


our mission


The company was founded with the core purpose of touching new pinnacles in regards to quality creativity, and customer experience. Our expert band of professionals has been working in this industry for more than 10 years and no competitor in the USA has been able to complete our levels of professionalism and expertise. Hence, we can confidently claim that Custom Patchess has been successful in securing its mission and outperforming in the marketplace.


our Accomplishments


To have the highest number of satisfied clients is one of our biggest accomplishments! Besides that, our company has worked with some greatest brands of the town including Fortune 500, civic organizations, charities, and government organizations. Another of our achievements is having the highest number of repeat and referral buyers. Most of our clients partnered with us 10 years back, and have never considered any other company for this purpose. Custom Patchess does not have to spend on marketing because genuine word-of-mouth is enough for us!


our Team


Every company in this sector is dependent upon craftsmen and staff. Our agency has the honor of being armed with highly qualified, and experienced craftsmen, who were further trained to hone their skills. Besides that, our experts keep themselves equipped with updated software and trendy designs. They have devoted their experience, and skills to supporting buyers with top-notch pieces of creation. The team includes craftsmen, a customer support team, quality assurance, and a logistics supplier to ensure that all operations occur smoothly and that there are no loopholes at any stage.


Safe Shipping


The biggest concern of the audience revolves around safe shipping, and we have partnered ourselves with USA’s best logistic service supplier, to make safe shipping possible. Due to this, we have been enabled to charge the lowest shipping charges. The crafted products are handed over on time, and no damage occurs during the shipping. Hence, you can be assured that your order would be safely delivered to you, on time, without any hassle.