Refund Policy


Custom Patchess being highly customer-centric cares about its customers. Buyers can claim a refund in case anyone or more than situations are satisfied.


Refund shall be processed, if:


  • The client has been charged twice, mistakenly, due to an error from the payment company or our end. The client can claim a refund by presenting a screenshot of being charged twice.
  • The client has changed their mind and doesn’t wish to continue with the order. The order needs to be canceled within 24 hours, or a refund shall not be made.
  • The wrong product was delivered to the client. If a mistake was made from our end, only then refund will be processed.


Refund shall not be processed, if:


  • Any situation that doesn’t permit order cancellation will not be liable for a refund.
  • There was a delay in communication from the buyer’s end.