Customer support is available 24/7, to get the issues resolved. In case any problem is leading your way towards order cancellation, consider communicating it with customer support. However, still, if the issues stay unresolved, you might cancel your order.

The following terms and conditions might be applied:

  • Orders can be canceled within 24 hours.  
  • Customized orders will not be canceled.
  • Orders cannot be canceled after the design has been forwarded for the production phase.
  • Orders cannot be canceled after they have been dispatched.
  • To cancel an order, the customer needs to get in touch with customer support via email.
  • Clients are expected to practice patience while making cancellation requests. It takes approx. 24 hours to respond to every query. While making an order cancellation request, please state the reason clearly.
  • Active communication from the customer’s end is expected to speed up the process. Delays from the customer’s end can result in disapproval of the cancelation request.